About Us

We are two British girls, currently living in Prague, united by our love for travel and all things fun, who decided to do what many people dream of doing – a road trip around North America!

Originally from Wales, Gwynnie has lived in the UK, Japan, Prague and Romania, and has travelled around a few other countries (mostly SE Asia and Europe). Currently living in Prague, teaching English and Welsh, volunteering with WeUnify and the author of GreenJoy Travel and GreenJoy Living, Gwynnie has a passion for all things self-sustaining, minimalism, psychology and musicals, and aims to get further involved with psychology and peacebuilding, as well as sustainability, once she gets back from this (admittedly not the most sustainable) road-trip!

Born in the UK of Czech and Slovak parents, Anna has lived in London, Leeds, Berlin, and Prague. Currently based in Prague (for the second time), she spends her time writing a novel and occasionally publishing articles on her blog, working in the social and cultural hub of A Maze in Tchaiovna, singing in a choir and learning how to do improv comedy – as well as a lot of time planning this road trip!